Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Can Count On Timberwolves

Just when I thought that I couldn't count on the Minnesota Timberwolves, they came through in the clutch. Unfortunately, I am not talking about the Timberwolves winning a big game in the NBA Playoffs but instead I am praising the Wolves for losing when they needed to lose. The Minnesota Timberwolves without Kevin Garnett have now lost seven straight games which is music to my ears. By losing to the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, the Timberwolves guaranteed themselves one of the seven worst records in the NBA which means they will retain their number one draft pick.

Who knows, maybe the Timberwolves will actually get a lucky ping pong ball roll and move up in the NBA draft. All I know is that Durant or Odom would sure look good in a MN. Timberwolves jersey. It would be a much needed miracle for an NBA franchise that is on life support.

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