Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How will Jefferson’s Presence Compare to Garnett’s Finesse?

The obvious key to the Kevin Garnett trade for the Minnesota Timberwolves was forward Al Jefferson, a low-post player with some rebounding punch. But how will Jefferson stack up serving as a replacement for the legendary K.G.? Well, for Timberwolves fans who don’t know, Jefferson is more of a physical forward who has the ability to play at the center position. Garnett was always more of a finesse player, or as Kevin McHale puts it candidly, “He rebounds like he’s 8 feet tall. But he plays offense like he’s 6-4.” Jefferson will certainly fill up the rebounding stat sheet the way Garnett did on paper, but his rebounds will most likely be more grind it out, box-out style hard-fought rebounds, whereas Garnett would merely scare off opposing rebounders with his sheer length. On the offensive side, Jefferson will do more around the painted area rather than taking Garnett’s favorite shot, the baseline fall-away.

So no, Al Jefferson will never replace Kevin Garnett, but he does have the chance help the Minnesota Timberwolves win some games.

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