Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Randy Foye Injury Setback

What is going on with Minnesota sports teams? It seems every team has a star player (or two) hurt and now the Timberwolves have joined that club. First, the Minnesota Vikings with Tarvaris Jackson, then the Minnesota Wild with Marian Gaborik and now the Wolves with Randy Foye. On of my favorite Wild blogs has a message for Marian Gaborik to put his big girl panties on and tough it out and I agree! Now I know Randy Foyes knee injury is a little more serious than a pulled groin muscle, but the same principal applies. These athletes are paid tons of money to PLAY, not to sit in rehab. What is going on? These guys need to take better care of their bodies - its their source of income.

Foye, a second-year Wolves guard, will miss at least the first three weeks of the regular season because of a stress reaction on his left kneecap. The reaction, a sort of precursor to what might have become a stress fracture, was finally detected late Monday after Foye had both an MRI and a CT scan on the joint.

Randy Foye was one of the reason I had planned to buy Timberwolves tickets this season. The offense is built around his leadership and abilities. It will be tough for Sebastian Telfair (who isn’t 100% healthy either) and Marko Jaric to fill the hole.

It seems a dismal Timberwolves season just got more depressing.

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