Friday, June 13, 2008

Craig Smith Audio on Timberwolves Site

There is some funny Craig Smith audio on It’s kind of a pain to download the mp3 file (can’t their web people reconfigure it so it plays right on the site!?), but I downloaded it – hey I am a true Minnesota Timberwolves fan! Craig Smith, aka "The Rhino," talks about working out in his hometown Santa Monica, California. The funniest thing is listening to Craig Smith talk about himself in third person – “The Rhino is working out on the beach, “The Rhino eats yogurt for breakfast…” He doesn’t do it for the entire interview, but even one reference to himself in the third person cracked me up. There is a bunch of background noise and Craig Smith confesses he is at the iPod store giving the interview –glad he is taking the off-season so seriously. Other interesting note, Craig Smith takes the Boston Celtics in 6 to win the NBA title. Hmmm…He is from California, where is his loyalty to the Los Angeles Lakers? He sounds like a NBA player scorned…He also says he would take Pierce over Bryant any day – wow.

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