Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kevin McHale Quote on Firings

Read this Kevin McHale quote on why there have been so many NBA coaches fired this year:

"Just because the access now, there's so much media availability and everything else. There's just so many bloggers; everybody's got an opinion. There's all kinds of stuff going on. Sometimes that starts forming the opinion of people in front offices, too, and owner. It's been kind of a crazy year so far."

I love the reference to the bloggers! That totally cracks me up – gotta love our first amendment rights!

I would also like to add that losing plays a part in the firings (not just the media). When owners are paying millions of dollars to players and coaches and they aren’t getting results – a change has to be made. Every one wants what they pay for (especially in this economy) and when you are paying big salaries, performance better match the pay check.

Have a great holiday every one!

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