Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Timberwolves Website

I see the Timberwolves site has taken on some extra advertisers including a flash Denny Hecker ad – what is up with that? Gross and pretty risky these days – Denny isn’t exactly thought of as Minnesota Nice. I bet that ad comes down by the end of the day.

They also have the Delta airlines logo strangely placed on the their schedule page next to all of the away games…which I guess is clever if you want to fly to one of those games. I was just taken by surprise to see all the logos. I suppose they need to make up for all the lost ticket revenue by adding a million “partners” to their advertising portfolio.

Congrats BTW to Kevin McHale for being “Coach of the Month” for January. I wonder if him and Denny are buddies?

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