Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glen Taylor Sick

I heard a story (I won’t call it a rumor because it could be true) that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is ill – I mean like heart attack ill and that is why no head coaching decision has been made. My source didn’t have a ton of details, but what if?

Any one else here this Glen Taylor story? Timberwolves office has been pretty quiet this week.


Taylor from Lakeville said...

Oh no, i hope Glen gets better. We need you back Mr. Taylor.

manofleisure said...

6 months ago I would have said that would never be the reason for the quietness. Taylor was almost too willing to talk honestly for a long time. But now, who knows. I think Taylor took exception with all the apparent misinformation in the press regarding the GM search. He may be less likely now to divulge info like that. That being said, I think it's still more likely that the quietness has more to do with Kahn trying to figure out what to do with McHale.

A Skeptical but concerned Timberwolves Fan said...

It is hard to say... in a time where MN sports rumors seem to be more prevelant than real news (Brett Favre, anyone?) I'm not sure that I would believe it, but just in case I'm crossing my fingers that Taylor is ok.