Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is the new pattern for the Minnesota Timberwolves Record going to be Loss, Loss Win?

No one would venture to say that the Minnesota Timberwolves are going to be the best team in the NBA any time soon, in fact most Timberwolves fans would be happy as long as we are not the worst team... but it is starting to get frustrating that the Timberwolves seem to need to lose two games in between wins.

After a great game against the Utah Jazz last Saturday (See Minnesota Timberwolves Game Review, below) the Wolves lost two consecutive games this week and the next two really don't look much better. The Wolves played the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday Night and the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday. Both games were close, last night's being only a point difference, but the trouble is you don't get any extra ranking for close losses, they are still losses. And if the Minnesota Timberwolves want any kind of respectable record at the end of this season they are going to have to start posting more wins.

Good news, the Timberwolves play the Utah Jazz again on Monday December 14th, There are lots of Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets available for that game, as well as both of the home games later next week!


B said...

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Love is coming back soon! Have some faith! I think he'll be able to whip them back into the 'W' bracket :)