Sunday, January 3, 2010

Minnesota Timberwolves spend holiday season riding the win rollercoaster up and down

With the holiday dust settled and the last of the decorations put away, I thought it might be time to recap the Holiday Basketball Series the Minnesota Timberwolves played (mostly, I'm just looking for ways to avoid having to go to the gym and work on my New Years Eve Resolutions).

The week of Christmas, the Minnesota Timberwolves played really well. On December 23rd the Timberwolves beat the New Jersey Nets in New Jersey 103-99, then on the 26th they beat the Washington Wizards at the Target Center 101-89. A part of me hoped that my holiday wishes had been answered and the Minnesota Timberwolves were going to go on a massive winning streak... No such luck.

The week of New Years left the Timberwolves in the dumps. On December 29th the Twolves lost to the San Antonio Spurs on the road... the game was ok, and the loss was probably predictable. However what really made me want to give up on was our loss to the Utah Jazz, while they aren't a terrible team, they aren't great and we have beat them multiple times... the game on New Years Eve-Eve was just crappy, period. Two more losses on the 1st and 2nd brought the Timberwolves Crap Game Streak up to 4 and my fan support circling the drain.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been off for the past few days and better be ready to come back refreshed and ready, they take on the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. If we lose to the Warriors I may seriously consider being done as a Timberwolves Fan. I have Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets for lots of games this season though, so we better win...

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B said...

Ugh... The Timberwolves NEED to win on Wednesday or seriously, I'm just not sure I can be a Timberwolves Fan either... its too hard to cheer for a team that sucks 2/3 of the time.