Monday, April 5, 2010

Timberwolves Bag Night

Timberwolves Fans demand Timberwolves Bag Night thanks to embarassing Wolves seasonOne of my co-workers suggested that the Timberwolves do a promotion called "Timberwolves Bag Night" and hand out grocery bags to fans so they can put them over their heads while sitting in the stadium! LOL! We all had a good laugh about that idea and we bet that we could get Cub Foods to sign-on.

Whoever writes for Timberwolves Tickets thinks the Wolves can pull off a total of 18 wins this season...I say 16 wins. We will see if I am right! Only a few games left. There are two Wolves home games this week and then one next week - maybe I will bring my own paper bag (-;

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