Sunday, April 11, 2010

What the Minnesota Timberwolves need in order to have any fans for the 2010-2011 Minnesota Timberwolves Season

Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Jonny Flynn
As you can see from this post's title... I'm over the 2009-2010 Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule, I have no other ways to say they suck and we lose alot. So instead, I'm moving on and looking to the future. It would be easy to say that what the Minnesota Timberwolves need to have a winning season next year is a new team, new coaching staff and new motivation... but like I said that would be the easy answer.

Realistically, the Minnesota Timberwolves should probably not set their sites at a winning Minnesota Timberwolves season and aim instead for fewer losses.

In my opinion the Timberwolves need: 1) a strong draft pick that could play off of Jonny Flynn, and be a play "finisher"someone who can work Kurt Rambis' triangle offense. 2) A varied offense, although the Timberwolves coaching staff has worked with the triangle offense, and it is effective at times, I think that it is time to consider doing something else. It is clear that Jonny Flynn is being billed as the talent on the team and therefore the Wolves need to run something that plays into his ability.

Without new talent and some serious overhauling to the Timberwolves game strategy, I don't think the Wolves will be able to maintain a fan base next season.

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