Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get Out Your Broom

Because if you watched the 2nd round of this year's NBA Playoffs, you would have seen three out of the four series end in sweeps. The Suns, Lakers, and Magic swept the Spurs, Jazz, and Hawks respectively. What does this say about the product? It says that the NBA is too top heavy of a league. In the NBA, the league enters each season with 3-4 teams that everyone knows are the only ones with a chance to win a title. This year that list includes the Los Angeles Laker, the Orlando Magic, the Boston Celtics, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Teams in the league spent the last couple of years dumping salary so that they could be able to sign free agents from the highly touted 2010 free agent market. Outside of the Thunder-Laker first round series, all the series have been laughers. In order for the NBA to be able to compete with the NFL and MLB, they need to find a way for their to be more parody in the league.


Joey Goldfarb said...
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Anonymous said...

i hate the sweeps!!! Go hawks good luck next year