Monday, May 17, 2010

John Wall Could Save the Team

Like Evan Turner of Ohio State, John Wall has the ability to save the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise. Many former players and general managers in the NBA believe that John Wall is the most sure thing in this draft. The guys a freakish athlete. He just flies down the court and posseses explosive leaping ability. Not only is he an explosive athlete, he sees the floor very well and is an excellent. He led the Kentucky Wildcats numerous times during critical stretches. Here's what Chad Ford wrote about Wall.
Draft Projection: No. 1 pickSimilarities: Derrick Rose meets Jason KiddNotes:
Celebrations were a recurring theme for John Wall in his freshman year.(AP Photo/Ed Reinke) Wall announced on April 7 that he will enter the 2010 NBA Draft.
Freakish athletic point guard
Great size for his position
Explosive leaping ability
Very quick first step
Flies up and down the court
Big-time penetrator and finisher at the rim
Solid passer, can be creative
Decent midrange jumper
Great rebounder for a guard

Needs to improve his 3-point jump shot
Still needs to improve his decision-making skills with the ball
Needs more intensity on the defensive end

John Wall would provide a building block for the franchise. The perrenial all star that the team is lacking.

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We need Wall!!!