Friday, September 17, 2010

David Kahn's Letter to the Fans

Earlier this week, General Manager David Kahn drafted a letter for Minnesota Timberwolves fans. I read it on the back page of the Pioneer Press. It was a long letter stating that this year the team would "probably not" compete for an NBA title and explained some of the offseason moves. Here is the opening paragraph of the letter:

"Fourteen months ago we laid out a plan: First, we would become a running team that plays an exciting up-tempo style of basketball. Second, we would get younger in order to build a team that could improve together and compete for a number of years. Third, we would instill a culture of hard work throughout our organization. Fourth, transparency. We’ll always let you know exactly what’s going on, occasionally via long-winded letters."

I approve of the letter as it shows Kahn's willingness to be open and honest with the fans. He went on to explain that we are still missing that "dominant" player. Hopefully we can find him fast.

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Anonymous said...

i appreciate his cander

steve said...

i'm going to have to read this