Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Lockout News...

When the NFL was in potential-lockout mode, it was all anyone could talk about. Fans were staying updated on free agents, rookies and the daily negotiations. There were news posts everyday and an endless stream of questions signaling fans couldn't get enough information.

The NBA lockout? Not so much.

What's the deal? It appears fans don't care so much about the NBA lockout and that they would rather check their football fantasy draft instead. Are people 'over' the NBA or is it just the frustration of standstill after standstill and the NBA just happens to be the most recent in a long stream? Very few people care about the lockout.

I think there exists a combination of both a lack of interest and a surplus of disgust. Owners and players need to be careful and realize with the economy and so many other options to steal away a fan's disposable income, that they don't think it will always 'just work out'.

What do you think? Give me your thoughts! I would love to hear them.

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