Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should the Season be Permanently Shortened?

In this shortened 66 game NBA season, after only a handful of games one thing is clear - people are treating each game like it's the end of the world. The Mavs and Lakers are sunk, the Clippers will win it all and the Bulls are waffling.

I would like to think of it as "NFL Syndrome", where because there are only 16 games, there are no games that can be brushed under the rug - every game is important.

Is this a bad thing?

There has been an increasing opinion that several teams and players kind of check out before the season is over due to the duration of the 82 game season. Especially since the beginning of the NBA season coincides with the end of the NFL season, a.k.a NFL playoffs. Fans don't feel the urgency if they catch on to the NBA after the Lombardi trophey has been given because they are only missing 16-20 games anyway.

A 66-game season make every game that much more important, which can't be bad. It is simple economics. Constrict the supply, while demand remains (or falls slightly because of potential price increases).

Should the league keep the season short?

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