Friday, February 3, 2012

Potential Shooting Guards

Eric Gordon
Gordon fits the bill offensively as he is a player that doesn't shy away from the spotlight and would be capable of shouldering the offensive load. The Wolves would need to compensate for him a bit on defense, being an undersized shooting guard, but that's something the Wolves could handle. Gordon is light of foot, challenging his opponents to keep pace.

How to get him? The Wolves could offer up Beasley and Johnson and a pick to the Hornets.

O.J. Mayo
Mayo is a fearless shooter and, like most shooting guards, wants to win games for his team. Mayo has been playing one spot off the court, as the sixth man, for the Grizzlies lately. He has been playing that spot though he averages 25.5 minutes per game and is often seen off the bench in the late minutes of the game. In Mayo's first two seasons, he was a starter that averaged 18 points per game. Defense is a shortcoming on Mayo's resume.

How to get him? Beasley, again, would be offered.

Evan Turner
Turner slumps in comparison to Gordon and Mayo when it comes to outside shooting. However, he holds just as much ability when it comes to getting to the rim. He woulds hard on both ends of the court and would slide in nicely to the Wolves' rebounding mantra. Turner is more of a team player and less of a star, which would balance with the Loves and Rubios of the Wolves.

How to get him? Here, the Wolves would have to offer up a lot more. The Wolves could offer Beasley, Williams, Johnson, Randolph and a 2012 first-round pick and a 2014 first-round pick for Turner and Andre Iguodala.

Kevin Martin
I have strayed from my initial assessment of Martin. Forgetting he is the oldest of my suggested prospects, at 29 years old, and is likely starting to decline. The Wolves have had enough rebuilding years - we don't need to bring in a guy that will need replacing soon.

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