Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kevin Love in the Olympics

Guess who has been preforming admirably during the 2012 London Olympics? Your very own homeboy, Kevin Love. But, could we even expect anything less? Much like how Love plays with the Wolves, he's been doing the dirty work under the basket while also scoring extremely efficiently.

But, did you know just how good he's been doing?

According to Insider, "On a per-minute basis in the Olympics, Love has scored about as often as Durant (29.3 points vs. 29.9 points per 40 minutes). He has scored more often than Bryant (28.5 points) and almost as much as James and Chris Paul combined (31.6). Overall, Love has tallied 29.3 points and 16.9 rebounds per 40 minutes in Olympic play, not to mention he's shooting 42 percent from downtown and 80 percent elsewhere. Further, he's coughed up the ball just twice in 102 minutes of playing time."

Wow. Keep on truckin', K. Love! Thanks for all you do for basketball fans everywhere!

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