Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ricky Rubio Expects to Return December

You heard me right, Timberwolves fans!

The good news is that Rubio told the Spanish newspaper Sport that he is targeting a December return to the Wolves, which will put him out for at least 15 games. Not too bad for recovering from an ACL injury.

The bad news is that 9 months may not be enough time for Rubio to be 100 percent.

Kevin Love said this about their upcoming season: "“For all of us, it is going to be a big year. No one likes to lose and we know now we have guys who know how to win and know how to get us to the playoffs. There is no reason we should not be able to put it all together on the floor now.”

We'll keep you updated on this whole Rubio situation, so keep checking this Timberwolves blog!

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