Monday, May 13, 2013

Flip Saunders as the President of Basketball Operations for the Timberwolves

Guess what Timberwolves fans!? We have exciting news! Flip Saunders is returning to the the Timberwolves as President of Basketball Operations. This is great news for Timberwolves fans every where because Saunders coached the Wolves from 1995-2005, leading them to eight straight playoff appearances, and we know that can only be a good thing. We would all love to see that again! It is interesting because Saunders has replaced David Kahn who was actually fired on Thursday after four seasons. Saunders will have a minority stake in the franchise. I'm not really a basketball fan so I'm not sure what that means. The 58-year-old Flip Saunders, who has previously been a key player at the University of Minnesota, also showed up at a few Timberwolves games this season while he was serving as an analyst for ESPN. And he did great there. We can not wait to see Flip Saunders be a part of the Timberwolves again and what he will do with this Minnesota basketball team! Keep reading my blog to see more news from this Timberwolves fan!

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