Friday, May 4, 2007

Foye and Garnett, Peas in a Pod?

I regularly read the Minnesota Timberwolves mail bag section on their website to see what other fans are curious about. One of the questions last week was: “What does Randy Foye like to do in his free time and are he and Kevin Garnett friends?” The answer was: “Randy Foye is the definition of a "pro's pro," as his main goal is to be the best basketball player he can be. Thus, you won't see him out partying or running around.” I guess that little incident in February with local police doesn’t count as running around? I suppose it is in the best interest of the Timberwolves mail bag to paint a positive picture of the team. The mail bag continued to answer by saying, “Foye is very close with Kevin Garnett, and has said repeatedly how much he looks up to the Big Ticket, how much he appreciates his council and how blessed he feels to be playing with him. Garnett looks at Foye like a little brother, and does everything he can to help him as a player and a person. It's a great relationship.” Well, this Timberwolves fan hopes that relationship can develop into more baskets and not just PR mumbo jumbo. Let’s go Wolves!

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