Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wolves Get What They Expected

The 2007 NBA Draft lottery was exciting for about six seconds before the Minnesota Timberwolves were neither rewarded nor penalized with the seventh overall pick in the draft. The seventh pick was the Timberwolves pre-lottery position. The 18.31 percent of a chance the Wolves had to land in the top three made the lottery worth watching, but Randy Foye's facial expression when the Wolves were announced at number seven said it all: The team will have its work cut out for them in selecting a player at number seven.

Chinese seven-footer Yi Jianlian is a surprise second favorite on the Wolves website poll behind Corey Brewer from Florida. The poll asks site visitors who they would like to see in a Timberwolves uniform. Brewer got the most press from his college team's championship run, but Jianlian might be the dark horse candidate to be the next Minnesota Timberwolf. Either way, I hope they choose an exciting player that can help sell Timberwolves Tickets before all the Timberwolves basketball fans give up.

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