Wednesday, June 6, 2007

LeBron One Man Show, Why isn’t Garnett?

I think some analyst on an episode of NBA Fastbreak on ESPN said something about LeBron James being a “Batman without a Robin” because he doesn’t have a Scottie Pippen like Michael Jordan had. Nobody on the Cleveland Cavaliers team even comes close to being LeBron James’ sidekick. So does Kevin Garnett have a sidekick if he is the Minnesota Timberwolves “Batman?” I say no. So why can’t Kevin Garnett make it to the NBA Finals much less the playoffs as LeBron James has accomplished this year? Is James that much greater of a player than Garnett in that he led his team over the Detroit Pistons? I don’t know if I can compare Garnett and James, but if you polled the nation right now, I’m guessing just about everybody would say James is a more valuable player. It doesn’t help Garnett’s cause that he is mired in the powerhouse stacked Western Conference while LeBron floats free in the summer-league competition of the East. I’m not trying to call Kevin Garnett a better player than LeBron James and I’m not trying to defend him for not having success without a supporting cast because I think he does have a decent supporting cast. I just wish I could see some of the success that LeBron is having come the way of our superstar in Minnesota.

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