Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Expect to see Spencer Hawes

With the possibility of Kevin Garnett leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves in an offseason trade, what is going to happen to the Wolves next season if in fact a trade goes down? The Timberwolves have already acquired former Houston Rockets forward Juwan Howard in a trade for Mike James and Justin Reed, and the Wolves are about to select the seventh overall pick of this year’s NBA Draft. So who should the Wolves take? If Garnett moves, it will most likely be for big players, so should the Wolves consider taking guard in the draft? It most likely won’t happen. Many experts have predicted the Timberwolves will take 7-foot Washington center Spencer Hawes. Many consider him the best “traditional” low-post player in the draft, as he takes a lot of moves from (who else) Kevin McHale. Since McHale has a lot of input on what the franchise does, it would be no surprise to see McHale attempt to relive his playing career through drafting Hawes.

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