Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Corey Brewer Keeps it Real

The Timberwolves offseason is always filled with great one on one interviews with the players. I almost feel like the offseason is when you get to know the Timberwolves as people not just basketball players putting up stats. Minnesota's rookie draft pick, Corey Brewer, has been working out with Wolves coaches and teammates at Target Center and Wolves reporter Mike Trudell had a chance to ask Brewer a few questions. Here are my favorite Brewer comments:

MT: You were bringing the hammer dunk around a little bit hard today, weren't you?
Corey Brewer: No man, it's cool. That's how we have to play this year. We've got to get up and down the floor, because we're going to be young and athletic. If we're going to beat teams, we've got to get up and down the court.

MT: You came from a school featuring quite a bit of talent at Florida, but here in the NBA everybody is that talented.
CB: It's a high level of play, and it's going to be a lot of fun with the guys we have on this team -- we have a lot of young, athletic guys, and guys that like to pass the ball and find each other. We're going to make some things happen.

MT: Only the coaches know how the playing time will be assigned once the season tips off, but something I thought about while checking out today's scrimmage was the balance of strengths you and Ryan Gomes have, since your games are quite different but yet complementary.
CB: Right. He goes inside and I go outside, but we're both long and tall, so we can mix it up on teams.

MT: How do you feel about the expectations game in the media and in the public?
CB: I feel like we have a chance to win it all this year just like any team, and we just have to play as hard as we can play every game. We're a bunch of young guys, but as long as we play together, we can win. We're going to do whatever it takes.

MT: So what are you up to when you're not here working out?
CB: Nothing. Me and Chris are just playing PlayStation 3 and relaxing. We're into NCAA Football 2008 right now.

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