Friday, January 25, 2008

Timberwolves winning steak, 60 point swing

Basketball is a strange game. It seems like only yesterday when I was leaving the Target Center at half time because my Minnesota Timberwolves were down by forty. Actually, that was three years ago or so when I had half season tickets. The Wolves were a good team then. They were competitive. Now days, the Wolves aren’t considered competitive, especially if you take a peek at their gruesome record.

But this years’ Timberwolves did something spectacular on Wednesday night. They opened up their own huge lead on the Phoenix Suns, 60-39 to be exact. I’m stunned by the fact that this years’ team can push around the Suns when the Keving Garnett era Wolves couldn’t muster a fight. This is a 60-point swing. I guess one could chalk it up to the inconsistency of the Phoenix Suns this season and in seasons past, but I would rather jut enjoy it and celebrate the Minnesota Timberwolves winning streak!

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