Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Minnesota Timberwolves News

It has been a slow Minnesota Timberwolves news week. One of my customers who knows I have a Timberwolves blog asked me what my thoughts were for next season and I ho-hum told him, “more of the same.” I am dreading the thought that it may be a direct repeat of this past season. He has Minnesota Timberwolves season tickets and was thinking of just giving them up. I don’t blame him, but I know he is a mega NBA basketball fan and won’t be bailing on his hometown team…unlike me. I think I only went to about 4 games last season, that’s not very many for a Timberwolves fan who takes the time to write a Timberwolves blog! Anyway, check back next week (Wed or Thurs, I just can’t commit to either day – therapy could help) for new and improved Minnesota Timberwolves news!

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