Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Timberwolves hope to improve next year

Ok, after reading my Timberwolves post title the first thought, is “duh.” Of course the Timberwolves want to improve next year. My main point of this post is how much will the Wolves improve?

Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said he thinks the team will improve with 20 more wins next year. That is a pretty bold statement considering he doesn’t have any solid plans on how they are going to do it. Sure the roster will change…a little...but so will everyone else’s in the NBA. The key players won’t change and McHale said he has no plans to make a coaching change. So what is going to be different about next years Timberwolves team that they will be able to win 42 games? More experience? I suppose a little, but that might get you 5 more games max.

My thoughts, throw the coach under the bus. I just don’t think Randy Wittman is the guy to coach these youngsters. I think a change at head coach could shake things up enough to get a few more wins on the board. Any thoughts Timberwolves fans?

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Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

20 more wins next year? That's sticking your neck out for sure.
My Brew City Bucks better just hope for 10 more wins than last year.