Thursday, December 4, 2008

Timberwolves Aren’t Playing for Wittman

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be back at the Target Center on Saturday, but I am not sure anyone will want to go. It seems the dysfunctional team can’t get it together and I am still standing by the fact that it is time to get some new leadership. I read this quote in the pioneer press:

"Your main guys have to do it if you're going to be a competitive team," Wittman said. "If they're not going to do it, then you're in trouble."

Yeah, we are in trouble. The players aren’t performing the basics for coach Randy Wittman. Doesn’t Kevin McHale see that he is losing (if not already lost) the Minnesota Timberwolves fan base? I guess the good thing about the Timberwolves being 4-13 is that there are plenty of cheap Timberwolves tickets in the Twin Cities ticket market.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it seems I keep reading comments where Wittman (or wittless) is admitting to game mistakes - man, if you are constantly screwing up it is time to lose your job. This is the NBA, not McDonalds.