Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Timberwolves Coaching Change Kevin McHale, Last Chance?

In a very predictable move (Timberwolves fans have been waiting too long for this), Glen Taylor fired Timberwolves head coach Randy Wittman. Wittman had a pitiful 38-105 win loss record and has openly admitted to Twin Cities media that the players were no longer playing for him. In a somewhat unpredictable move, Glen Taylor moved Kevin McHale into the head coach slot. Hmmm…

It’s no secret that Kevin McHale doesn’t want to be a head coach, he has publicly declared this before so I was surprised to see Glen Taylor assign him the role. If I were Glen Taylor, I would have fired them both and started fresh with two other guys. My guess is that this move is Glen Taylor giving Kevin McHale one final chance with the Timberwolves organization. I am hoping he told Kevin McHale, “OK, you picked this team, now show us what they can do, no excuses. And if you don’t, pack your bags, too.”

Thoughts Wolves fans?

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