Thursday, December 11, 2008

Timberwolves Ticket Demand Up Out of Curiosity over New Coach

I just may buy Timberwolves Tickets to see Coach Kevin McHale at the Target Center in the near future. I missed the game Tuesday night, but I want to see what McHale looks like with the clipboard in his hand and what reaction he has when one of the young players rolls his eyes at him. I am sure I am not the only Timberwolves fan that is thinking about buying Timberwolves Tickets simply out of curiosity right now....

I saw this survey online and wanted to share the results:
Did the Timberwolves do the right thing with Kevin McHale?
Total Votes = 1341
Yes. Making him head coach is the perfect remedy. 5.070 %
Yep. Making him head coach is the perfect punishment. 26.62 %
No. Why give McHale a job he didn't really want? 7.531 %
Nope. Why give McHale any job? 60.77 %

Ha ha. I still think this is just a step to getting McHale out the door. Time will tell.

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