Thursday, March 5, 2009

Timberwolves Losing Streak

I was going to hold off on posting another Timberwolves blog entry until the next win, but these days it’s looking like that could be a long time coming. The last Timberwolves win was on February 18th when the Timberwolves beat the Miami Heat. 7 straight losses and two weeks later, the Timberwolves are looking more and more pathetic. Next week, the Timberwolves return home to play four home games – hopefully, the home stand will bring some excitement back to this Timberwolves team (and the fans?).

If the Timberwolves lose on Monday and Wednesday, you can bet that the Target Center will be empty (emptier!) on Friday and Saturday. It’s sad, really. Minneapolis has such potential to be an NBA hotbed, but the owner is choking the potential. They may have to give Timberwolves tickets away if they want warm bodies in the seats. Not $5 tickets, free tickets – Minnesotans love free…not free falling (like the team), but just free. Plus, don't they make some money on concessions - that may be the only hope - people have to eat.

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