Thursday, April 30, 2009

Timberwolves Tickets for $1 – Could it be?

I am thinking about doing this:

The “Pay the Pick” NBA sampler ticket package includes one game against each of the NBA's 29 other teams. Based on the Wolves lottery fortunes, your per game price will match the team's draft pick number (as low as $1 and capped at $6 per seat per game).

Put down a $29 non refundable deposit before May 19th
If the Wolves get the # 1 pick, your account is paid in full

Maybe if I bank on the $1 Timberwolves Ticket – we might actually get the number one pick… any one else ever do this package?


manofleisure said...

I briefly considered this before I ordered my 10 game pack. It sounds like you get seats in roughly the last 8 rows of the upper deck at the ends of the court. Of course, you could probably move down to the first 10 rows if attendance is anything like this year.

wolvesfan said...

you could probably move down to the lower level! LOL!