Thursday, April 23, 2009

Timberwolves Need to Win Basketball Fans Back with Baskets

In the Timberwolves off-season, Mr. Taylor better not be off! He better be doing a lot of work to get the fans back into the Target Center. Man of Leisure from Talking Timberwolves left me a comment that I wanted to promote to the front page about what it’s going to take to get this Timberwolves team back in the spotlight and in the hearts of twin cities basketball fans:

“I agree that cheap tickets and a new coach won't raise interest. Even a new GM from outside the organization won't help much. The only thing that will raise interest long term is winning. Snaring Blake Griffin or Ricky Rubio in the draft might help short term, but another poor start would drive away any new fans that came on due to draft lottery luck. Just lingering near .500 for the first couple months next season may be enough to make people take notice. (It's sad that reaching .500 would now be considered an achievement.)”

I agree that Ricky Rubio would get a few fans through the door, but I disagree that lingering around .500 will be enough – I think the Timberwolves are going to need win 7 out of 10 games for any one to take notice and 9 out 10 games at home.

Also, there has to be more than just defense. People pay the money to see the ball swish the basket so we better get some shooters on this team including long range and a few dunkers just to keep the fans excited. Whoever the GM is, the only way I am going to take notice is if he promises the fans will see more scoring in 2009-10.

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manofleisure said...

You're probably right. There's a lot more very disgruntled fans than those of us who still follow the team closely. Casual fans won't appreciate how much of an improvement that a .500 record would be compared to the junk we've seen in recent years.
Great point about needing a better record at home. They were the only NBA team this year with a better road record than home record. People don't want to see a team that plays worse in front of their own fans.