Thursday, August 27, 2009

David Khan speaks out over constant Ricky Rubio Rumors

David Kahn speaking at a press conference
It seems that this summer, the Twin Cities are sweltering with sports rumors and not the typical summer heat. With the Brett Favre-Minnesota Vikings rumors coming true, it is easy to see why Minnesota Timberwolves fans have run the Ricky Rubio rumors into the ground. Perhaps running a story repeatedly will make it come true?

In an attempt to end the gossip spreading, David Kahn made an official statement yesterday addressing the latest Rubio Rumors. Kahn reported, "Based on the information I have attained today, no team in any league has reached a deal with DKV Joventut concerning Ricky's buyout, which must be accomplished before Ricky is released from his contract with DKV Joventut."

Kahn's statement was in response to reports by sports writers in the US and in Spain that Regal FC Barcelona, a very wealthy Spanish basketball club had offered to pay Rubio's buy out to come and play for them for the next 6 seasons, effectively keeping Rubio out of the NBA. While Rubio has not made a statement in a few weeks, Kahn's message was clear... He hasn't signed anywhere, when he does I will let you know, until then remember that with or without Rubio the Timberwolves will play basketball this season.

Good Luck Mr. Kahn, I hope you statement ends the rumors and lets reporters start paying attention to the rest of your team.

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