Thursday, September 24, 2009

With the Minnesota Timberwolves Season right around the corner, Jonny Flynn looks like he may be the star of the roster

The Minnesota Timberwolves have spent the summer collecting players, picking coaches and determining the direction of the team. Many NBA critics felt that this season was/is going to be a wash as the Timberwolves struggle to pull a team together that will click in time to be competitive. However, with the first Timberwolves preseason game only 15 days away, critics are suggesting that with the Ricky Rubio drama behind the Twolves, there may be a shot for up-and-coming point guard Jonny Flynn to really make an impact.

In a recent interview with a Timberwolves writer, Jonny Flynn was asked about how we was adjusting to the new city and new stage. Flynn told the reporter, "I feel real comfortable. It's a place I'm definitely getting used to really fast."

And as far as the basketball was concerned, Flynn reported, "we are coming in at 10 AM to get team lifts, we get team runs, we come and play pick-up, so the chemistry is already starting. You see any good franchise, any good team, the chemistry has to be clicking from day one and I think we're definitely doing that here. "

Jonny Flynn told reporters that he can't wait to get going and that he is just eager to show that he deserves a starting spot. In my opinion this optimistic, talented rookie may be exactly what our Timberwolves need to start a new tradition, one that is steeped in winning instead of, well instead of what we have been doing for the past several seasons.


Twolves Fan in Roseville said...

I agree I am excited to see what Jonny Flynn can do for this team. He may be my new favorite player!

KC said...

I have heard great things about Jonny Flynn... but its hard to believe that he will be able to carry the team all by himself. Here's to hoping that he is setting a good example for other players to live up to!

timmy b said...

Having watched Jonny Flynn in action for the last 2 years here in Syracuse, all I can say is that you Timberwolves fans are in for a treat.
Go Doggies!