Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kurt Rambis announces assistant coaching staff

Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach Kurt Rambis announced two new members to his coaching staff early last week. Kurt Rambis was hired earlier this summer and vowed the change the face of Timberwolves basketball. Along with David Kahn, Kurt Rambis has worked tirelessly to recruit players and coaches who will breathe talent and winning ability into the Timberwolves franchise.

Rambis announced that Bill Laimbeer, a former Detroit Pistons player, will be assistant coach. Before coming to Minnesota, Bill Laimbeer coached the WNBA Shock, leading them to 3 WNBA Championships in 6 years. Laimbeer left the Shock to be a part of the NBA.

Also joining the Timberwolves coaching staff is Reggie Theus former Sacramento Kings coach.


Anonymous said...

Exciting news!

I like the pups . . . a little said...

I am so sick of the Timberwolves organization being a work in progress. Let's just do it right and do it right now! These guys better be the real deal.

Timberwolves Bball said...

I can't say for sure because clearly we haven't seen the in action, but what i've ready about the assistant coaching staff... we have some great basketball minds working for us!