Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jonny Flynn posts ummm... "interesting" thoughts on Twitter

Screen Shot of Jonny Flynn's Twitter account If you read my blog with any regularity you know that I am a pretty big Jonny Flynn fan. I think the rookie from New York is really the saving grace the Minnesota Timberwolves need, all summer I was much more pro-Flynn than Ricky Rubio....

However, today I'm going to have to put Jonny Flynn on blast. I recently started following him on Twitter, lets just say I'm not impressed. First of all J_Flynn does a lot of re-tweeting meaning that he tweets at people who he knows... which is fine, but for someone who is trying to get a peak into his personal life, the RT's are meaningless. Secondly, and possibly more offensive, Jonny Flynn posts lots of dumb stuff.. now I don't live in a glass house, so I know there are lots of things I post on my blog that other people think are a waste of Internet space but really was
"#whenwasitcool to keep ice cream in freezer so long that it becomes sticky. You know what I'm talking about " necessary?

I would like to suggest that perhaps instead of wasting his time tweeting things, Jonny Flynn spend a bit more time in the Target Center mastering the triangle offense. Then perhaps he could tweet, "Timberwolves So Great, they Sell Out Timberwolves Tickets @ Target Center!"

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B said...

Agreed. I'm not a Twitter Hater, but I don't need to know that you think ordering Diet Coke at McDonalds is dumb, I don't care... I want you to tweet how you plan on winning this season!