Monday, December 28, 2009

Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule Update

It has been a while since I have recaped how the Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule is going... perhaps it was because the holidays had me in a great mood and I didn't want to ruin my great mood by having to write about losing, or it might be because I went on a Jonny Flynn Twitter rant... whatever the reason, I have been slacking on Minnesota Timberwolves Game Recaps and it feels hypocritical to fault the Timberwolves Roster for a lack of energy when I am guilty of lazy blogging... so here is a down and dirty Minnesota Timbewolves Review:

Dec 26th: Timberwolves play the Wizzards at the Target Center and win 101-89. A fourth quarter shooting streak helps the Minnesota Timberwolves win at home.

Dec 23rd: A rare Road-Win for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves Roster travels to New Jersey right before the holidays for a game against the NJ Nets, Twolves win 103-99

Dec 22nd: Timberwolves lost to the Atlanta Hawks at home in the Target Center, 112-87. Timberwolves Fans wonder where the team was? Kurt Rambis should have put the Timberwolves Dancers in...

Dec 20th: Not surprising, the Minnesota Timberwolves go to Boston to play the Celtics and walk away with another loss, though they didn't get trampled. Final score Celitcs 122- Timbewolves 104

Dec 18th: Timberwolves take on the Kings at home and win 112-96

Dec 16th: Timbewolves play the LA Clippers at the Target Center and despite a strong effort from Jonny Flynn, points don't get posted, plays don't get made and the Minnesota Timberwolves post a 95-120 loss.


Anonymous said...

I agree the Timberwolves Dancers could do a better job in a lot of games!

Twolves Fan 2 said...

The December 26th Target Center win was refreshing. I wish more games could look like that. There are only a few Timberwolves fans left around here . . .