Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minnesota Timberwolves post 3rd win of the season

This Minnesota Timberwolves did not have to wait an entire month for another win, in fact it just took two losses since the last win. The MN Timberwolves roster played the Utah Jazz at the Target Center yesterday. Dressed in throwback vintage jerseys, the Wolves looked like an entirely new team, with energy and stamina that has been lacking all season, the Wolves stepped out looking refreshed and ready to win, and win they did.

The Utah Jazz came out looking like they had no idea who they were playing. Coming off of a four game winning streak, it seemed apparent to anyone in the Target Center last night that the Jazz clearly underestimated the Wolves.

This week the Timberwolves will take on Raptors, the Hornets, the Lakers and the Kings. With just one home game in the middle of the week, fans are hopeful that the 2-2 week the Wolves are coming off of will give the confidence to win on the road. There are still lots of Timberwolves Tickets left for this week's home game on Wednesday. Check back next week for game reviews.


B said...

Do you think they have a shot at winning any of this week's games?

Timberwolves Tickets Site said...

The Timberwolves schedule looks a little easier the month of December. Buy Timberwolves Tickets and get ready to see some great NBA action. Kevin Love is back and the Timberwolves team is ready to turn this train around!