Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Minnesota Timberwolves end winning streak after 4 games in a row

No, I did not have a typo in my title. The Minnesota Timberwolves were on a 4 game winning streak... that is until last night. Lets start with the good stuff. The Minnesota Timberwolves played two back-to-backs last week, all 4 games were wins, the Timberwolves seemed to be playing well together, they were finding their groove...

Then we got to last night. The Minnesota Timberwolves played last night in Philadelphia against the 76ers, note that I am using the term "played" very loosely... they were there, they were on the court, they held the ball every now and again. But with a 22 point spread at halftime that carried through to the end, it was pretty clear that the Minnesota Timberwolves Roster never really got off the plane. Kurt Rambis told reporters he was "disappointed". No $#*! you were disappointed, you should have let the cheerleaders play.

The Timberwolves have a chance to redeem themselves tonight with a win against the Charlotte Bobcats at the Target Center. Lets hope they remember they are there to play.

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