Monday, March 1, 2010

Another disappointing Minnesota Timberwolves Game bumps current losing streak up to 3

I'm not sure why I even get disappointed posting Timberwolves Losses anymore... it seems like the team that started the season as the "Little Team that Could" has quickly become the "Little Team that Never Will". While I am not a huge believer in negativity (it really doesn't get you anywhere) I won't lie to you... I'm down and out when it comes to my boys.

The Timberwolves had 5 games last week and posted only one W. The Minnesota Timberwolves started last week with a Sunday home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder (the Timberwolves lost 109-107), next the Timberwolves Roster took on Miami Heat in Miami on Tuesday, the warm Florida weather helped the Wolves post their only Win of the week. Wednesday the Timbewolves lost in Atlanta, before going to Oklahoma City to be beaten for the second time in the same week by the Thunder. The Minnesota Timberwolves finished their week of sucking in the Target Center, when they lost to the the Portland Trailblazers 110-91.

This week the Minnesota Timberwolves will in Dallas on Wednesday and at home on Saturday against Houston. Next week the Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule has 3 home games and LOTS of opportunity for the Timberwolves to redeem themselves (or continue to come up short, we can all guess what it the most likely answer).

Check out the Timberwolves Basketball Blog next week for score updates and more Timberwolves Rants...

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