Monday, April 19, 2010

Minnesota Timberwolves Schedule is over and Timberwolves Fans are calling for change

Timberwolves Players and Twins Players action shots
The Minnesota Timberwolves Season came to an uninteresting finish last Wednesday when they lost to the Detroit Pistons bringing the final record for the Minnesota Timberwolves to 15-67, making them the 2nd to last team in the league. The New Jersey Nets hold last place with a 12-70 record... not something that you really want to be compared to.

If the rest of the Minnesota Timberwolves Fans are like me, they are all in need of some serious cheering up... It took me some time to figure out what would pull me out of my Minnesota Timberwolves Funk, but I think that I finally have it figured out. The best way to forget about the Twolves losing is to watch the Minnesota Twins Win! The Minnesota Twins not only have a great new field they also have been playing really well. I went to a Minnesota Twins Game at Target Field last week and it made me feel better about how the Timberwovles Schedule ended.

There are starting to be great deals on Minnesota Twins Tickets not quite as great as Timberwolves Ticket prices, but hey.. what can you expect, the Twins are actually pretty good this season. So pull yourself out of your Timberwolves Losing Coma and check out Target Field and the Minnesota Twins!

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B said...

I totally feel you on the Timberwolves Blues, I also read the Ticket King Intern blog and it sounds like she has them too, maybe the Minnesota Twins need to host a "Cheer Up Timberwolves Fans" Night?