Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minnesota Timberwolves Rumor Alert: Ricky Rubio seen posting on Timbewolves Social Media Links

Ricky Rubio at his initial Minnesota Timberwolves Press Conference, could we be seeing this again I want to preface this story with it is total Minnesota Timberwolves Gossip, however... I was checking out the Minnesota Timberwolves homepage the other day and noticed that RICKY RUBIO and his tweets were on the social media window! Now, in my opinion the only reason the Minnesota Timberwolves would post Ricky Rubio Tweets on the Timberwolves Homepage is because they think there is a shot that he will be a part of the Minnesota Timberwolves Roster eventually. Right? That just makes sense, start leaking Ricky Rubio back into the minds of Minnesota Timberwolves fans and this summer when the Timberwolves Franchise is in need of a little boost, pull Ricky Rubio off a plane from Spain and have him start practicing... in my world it makes sense :)

I'm now on the hunt for any Ricky Rubio Minnesota Timberwolves gossip you may have, so if you see/hear some send it my way! The Minnesota Timberwolves could really use a player like Ricky Rubio to help turn around the losing streak they created for themselves this past season! Perhaps the Spanish SuperStar could be just what the Timberwolves Dr. ordered!?

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