Friday, April 30, 2010

NBA Playoffs in Full Swing

Despite my original protest of the NBA Playoffs because I was so pissed at the Minnesota Timberwolves for screwing up their season and not having a shot at the playoffs, I have found myself sucked in. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for tournament play and high-stakes games... and you all know we didn't see very many of those this season with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

For those of you loyal Timberwolves Fans who have also stopped caring about the NBA Season now that the Timberwolves are done, here is a quick update of the NBA Playoff Series as Round One comes to a close tonight. Check back next week for my picks for round two!

LA Lakers (1) lead the OKC Thunder (8) 3-2
SA Spurs (7) upset the DAL Mavericks (2) and won the series 4-2
PHX Suns (3) beat the POR Trail Blazers (6) to take the series 4-2
UTA Jazz (5) are upsetting the DEN Nuggets (4) 3-2

CLE Cavaliers (1) knocked out CHI Bulls (8) to win series 4-1
ORL Magic (2) dominates CHA Bobcats (7) and wins series 4-0
MIL Bucks (6) are upsetting the ATL Hawks (3) 3-2
BOS Celtics (4) thrashed MIA Heat (5) to win the series 4-1

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