Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NBA Playoffs Update.. who is hot and who is going to end up where the Timberwolves are

NBA Playoffs Logo from a few years ago
Round one of the NBA Playoffs is over and round two is under-way, with injuries and upsets it is hard to say exactly how things are going to end up. I have found I'm having a hard time predicting games, I have to admit that during the regular NBA Season I have total tunnel vision... I watch the Minnesota Timberwolves games and really only play attention to how they are playing. Perhaps, I need to take a more wide-spread approach to being a basketball fan or perhaps I should just watch a few more highlight reels.

HOWEVER, just because I can't predict NBA Playoffs games, does not mean that you all should suffer from my lack of talent.. So I went straight to the source and got my information from the experts.

Round 1 Results:
Lakers beat Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs beat Dallas Mavericks
Phoenix Suns beat Portland
Utah Jazz beats Denver
Cleveland beats Chicago Bulls
Orlando Magic beats Charlotte Bobcats
Atlanta beats the Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics beat MIA

Round 2 Match-ups:
San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns... My money is on the Spurs, they played a strong first game and the Suns are looking tired

Lakers vs. Jazz... I'm torn here, but because I secretly love them a little, I'm going to go with the Lakers

Cleveland Cavs vs. Boston Celtics... My bet is Boston, although they are one and one in the 2nd round, Boston is experienced in the play-offs and knows how to pull through in high pressure situations

Atlanta vs. Orlando Magic... With a blow out first game, I'm going to go with the Magic

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