Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We've Got a Series!

The Phoenix Suns won game 4 of the Western Conference Finals last night to tie the series at 2 a piece. The Suns played a magnificent game last night. The bench was the story of the night. They played almost the entire 4th quarter and at one point, head coach Alvin Gentry had 2 time MVP Steve Nash come back to sit down because his back up, Goran Dragic, was playing so well. Channing Frye, who had missed 19 shots in a row, had a coming out party against the Lakers as he was 4-8 from distance. The bench outscored the Laker bench 54-20 and even outscored Kobe Bryant who scored 38 points. The Lakers haven't figured out the Suns zone defense, and the Suns have turned this into a 3 point shooting contest. If this series continues to be a 3 point shooting contest, then look for the Suns to advance to the NBA Finals.

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