Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Player of the Week: Jonny Flynn

Jonny Flynn was one of the most coveted players in last years NBA draft. The reason being is that Flynn is an explosive athlete who can get to the basket whenever he wants. Although he is short, listed at 6’1, Flynn makes up for that on the offensive side of the ball with his 40 inch vertical which allows him to finish at the rim with ease against taller defenders. Jonny Flynn can push the ball up the floor and beat anyone in the league 1 on 1. Flynn is a tough, charismatic leader who is well liked.

What he lacks in height, Flynn uses his athleticism to rattle his opponents on the defensive end. He has pretty good anticipation skills for steals as he averaged 1 steal per game his rookie season. Jonny Flynn also plays extremely hard on the defensive end, and his work ethic is something that the Wolves fell in love with when they drafted him. If Flynn can learn to see the court well and make others around him better while improving his outside shot, Jonny Flynn has the ability to play in a couple of NBA All Star games.

Jonny Flynn NBA Timberwolves
This week I am recording my thoughts on Jonny Flynn....COMMENT ME if you agree or disagree on my description of JONNY FLYNN STRENGTHS!

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