Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Corey Brewer Weakness - Can't handle the Ball

While Corey Brewer has made some strides offensively, he still has ways to go. Brewer truly cannot handle the basketball. During his times at Florida, he was known as the “drunken dribbler” because he trips and falls so much when he dribbles. Brewer also does not have the ability to create his own shot for himself. He normally only scores on the break or when someone else has already broken down the defense for him. Although an improving shooter, Brewer still is not a very good one. With all of this being said, Brewer can be a huge liability for the Timberwolves on the offensive end at times.

When looking at Brewer’s game on the defensive end, there is one glaring weakness and that is his strength. While he has the length and quickness to get in the head of his opponent, he easily gets out-muscled by the stronger guards in the league. Brewer is known as the skinniest player in the league and must add strength in order to be a lockdown defender.

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