Friday, October 29, 2010

Minnesota Timberwolves Fall 117-116 to Sacramento Kings

Wesley JohnsonThe Minnesota Timberwolves lost a tough opening game to the Sacramento Kings, 117-116 at the Target Center. There were some positives and negatives from the game, but it was a game that the Minnesota Timberwolves should have won on paper. They have more talent and depth than the Sacramento Kings (like the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Boston Celtics that same night). The Kings led the majority of the 2nd half and while the Timberwolves kept crawling back, we just couldn't hold the lead. The Timberwolves missed Jonny Flynn and Martell Webster and I hope both can have a speedy recovery.

Wesley Johnson showed his athleticism with a posterizing dunk for his first NBA points. He finished with 13 points and I hope he can get more minutes as he is a talented player. Luke Ridnour scored 20 points and looks like an efficient point guard. Kevin Love had a double-double in the first half, but didn't' play much in the 2nd half. Michael Beasley has the skill to get to the rim nearly every possession. I hope he can build on that.

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